Advance Freight Traffic Service

Advance Freight Traffic Service has been in the Freight Bill Auditing / Processing / Payment and Reporting business since 1958. We did not grow by mergers or acquistions; we did it the old fashion way, hard work and great service.

We have SAVED our clients millions of dollars in overcharges as a result of our extensive Freight Bill Auditing.  We have exceeded our client’s expectations year after year by delivering incomparable value.  We will give your company the special handling and attention that is crucial in today’s environment.

Our services are designed to help your company Reduce your Transportation Expense and then improve the Auditing / Processing and Payment of your freight bills.  We will make sure you pay the correct freight charges. If you are not Auditing your Freight Bills, it is like writing a blank check to the carriers.  We want to become an extension of your company for many years to come.

Our Services

Freight Bill Auditing
Small Parcel Auditing
Freight Payment
Tariff Negotiation
Management Reporting
Routing Charge Backs
Claim Services
and more …