Additional Services

Carrier Negotiation Support

We will provide all the necessary information in order to send out Bid Packages to your carriers. We will handle the negotiations and review the process with you. After selections we will provide routing instructions and monitor for compliance.

Coding / GL Numbers

Freight bills are processed and coded with applicable information provided by our client’s. These may include: general ledger numbers, plant numbers, commodity / parts, sku numbers etc. to be captured during our data entry process.

Experienced Auditors

Our experienced auditors can assist your logistics / traffic departments by providing information on the best routing for your freight, the most advantageous product classifications. We will also inform you on what carriers offer the best discounts / rates and service. These items will assist in reducing your overall transportation cost.

Loss and Damaged Claims

We can handle the processing of your Loss or Damaged claims, we will file all the necessary paper work to get your claim paid.

Classification Assistance

We can assist your company to make sure the correct National Motor Freight Classification is being used. Using the incorrect classification could cost your company thousands of dollars in transportation expense.

Duplicate Payment Protection

Our system eliminates the possibility of paying for a single shipment more than once. Each shipment is tracked by its unique pro bill / invoice number and by the carrier that made the shipment, including all of its terminals, or by an affiliated carrier. Any duplicate invoice is automatically rejected by our system. We do not charge for freight bills rejected by our system, we only charge for bills that are processed and paid!

Similar to the elimination of duplicate bills, our system also allows us to reject bills with duplicate Bill of Lading numbers. This prevents us from paying for the same shipment billed on different pro numbers or by a completely unrelated carrier such as for an interline shipment.

Interface / EDI / Matching

We can provide you with CD Rom or computer-to-computer interfaces to your in-house payables, purchasing, or logistics department in any format you may require. At the end of each week/month we will email your weekly/monthly bill file.

We are currently handling EDI with major carriers. You can also transmit your order documents and we can provide a positive match to your Order or Bill of Lading numbers prior to payment.