Weekly / Monthly Reporting

Weekly Reports

Every week freight bills are sent back with a Weekly Client Statement Report. All bills are batched by Location / Plant / Branch – Carrier – Pro Number order. At this time we e-mail a weekly freight bill file in Excel format or any other format you may require.

We also provide GL Reporting for your accounting departments or any other type of allocation. After receiving and approving the file, payment would be remitted to our office.

Management Reporting

Since each client’s needs are different, it is important not only to retain the information desired from the freight bills, but to also present it in the format which best meets the your requirements. Our system is very flexible and can generate any type of reporting that would be required.

We can provide you Monthly Reports showing the current month along with year-to-date information, all customized to your specifications. These are useful when negotiating pricing with your carriers and when determining your exact freight cost. All of our reports will help assist management in making sound business decisions.

We maintain up to 3 years of payment history and year-to-date data on our computer for reporting purposes. After the data becomes older than 3 years it is downloaded on to CD, this information is stored for 10 years.