Our Services

We will take over the accounting function of paying your company’s freight bills. This will save your company money in many ways. We will furnish all the necessary checks, paper and postage. We will also reduce the work load on your accounting and traffic departments, allowing you to possibly reduce your staff or redirect their efforts to other money generating functions.

Find out about the services we can offer you or your company:

Pre-Auditing Freight Bills
Post-Auditing Freight Bills
Fedex / UPS Auditing
Weekly / Monthly Reporting
Document Scanning
Payment Plans
Additional Services

Our Process

All mail received at our locations is opened, sorted, coded and verified for correct billing (i.e. prepaid / collect / third party).

Every bill is audited to your carrier agreements on file to determine if there are any description, classification, weight, rate discount errors.

All bills are entered into our system on a daily basis. At the end of each week all duplicate entries or previously paid bills are rejected from the system. We print weekly reports and create excel files to email to you. All freight bills are returned to you or we can scan and destroy the originals.

After we receive payment from you, within 24 hours we print and mail out checks and vouchers to your carriers. Our web site is updated with this payment information for carriers and clients to access. Please view our Flow Chart to guide you through our process.