Why do we need your services?

There are many reasons to using our Freight Auditing / Processing / Payment and Reporting Services.

We save you money by auditing your freight bills before you pay it. If you are not auditing, it is like writing a blank check to your carriers.

We will reduce the administration expenses of your mail room, accounting and traffic departments, allowing your company to possibly reduce your staff or re-direct their efforts to other money generating functions.

The cost to process and pay a single bill is about $7.00 – $10.00 in-house. We can offer you a whole company of experience for under $1.00 per freight bill.

We capture all your data, so you do not have to. We will provide reporting to your requirements.

We just want you to audit my freight bills, no payment.

Yes, we can just audit and return them to you daily or weekly. We can capture the data and provide the information in various formats. We can also provide a payment file for your accounting department to use.

Can you pay my Canadian Shipments?

Yes, we can pay in U.S. or Canadian Funds.

How can I check the status of my freight bill?

You can go to the Freight Bill Inquiry page on our website and enter the carrier SCAC code or number and the payment status will appear. If your shipment does not appear, then we need a copy emailed to freightbills@advancefrt.com.